Vision & Mission
Students' Thanks
Message from the Chairman

Our Vision & Our Mission

To help "disadvantaged", underserved kids through the world of golf and private country club members ...

With golf as both the link and centerpiece for motivation, education and community bridges, All Golf's Kids assists, challenges and rewards "disadvantaged" kids. Golf is at the core of educational programs ... golf is the impetus for learning and new exploration ... and kids experience wonderful new life experiences.  Unprecedented new advantages become available, with the benefits of adult guidance, encouragement, and strengthened community ties as part of the process.

We provide a range of expanding opportunities for underserved, under-privileged kids through programs & events

We promote scholastic achievement and facilitate the convergence of community interests

We enlist private country club member-golfers to assist kids with adult guidance, invitations, mentoring, internships, & scholarships

We create inspirational life experiences and unprecedented new advantages via the world of golf

We offer access to golf instruction, special golf events, private country clubs, and PGA/LPGA/USGA golf tournaments

We help under-privileged kids develop personal values and qualities of long-term benefit… since golf is unique in how it can instill positive character traits - integrity, self-reliance, personal dignity, and respect for others …

Prospective Impact

Private country club member-golfers, often leaders of our communities, are in a position to help less-privileged, economically-disadvantaged kids ... kids feel a heightened sense of inclusion and greater feelings of community

Member-golfers can assist, challenge, and reward both personally and professionally through corporations, individually, and via professional associations…

Member-golfers, corporations, and foundations can provide adult guidance/mentoring, tutoring, invitations, internships (jobs) & scholarships for higher education…

Schools and community group program partners are most appreciative of gaining access to new worlds and new learning experiences for students ...

"Once in a lifetime experiences" can become on-going possibilities

Golf is also unique in its ability to instill positive characteristics - integrity, self-reliance, personal dignity, respect for oneself & others …

Our Students' Thanks

"I promise if we get to go a second time if you invite us again, I will try better than my first time on golf lessons. I also promise I will do my best to be receiving one scholarship. I also hope that in the future someone makes a golf course near us so we could go and remember the experience we had in Scarsdale, NY. "
(JHS 45 New York City - Honors Class (Male Age 12))

"Golf teaches you many skills. The idea of the program is excellent I like the fact that the program wants city kids to get more involved with this amazing sport. I believe that kids who live in the city should have this opportunity. This was an excellent experience for me. I think that all students should go to this program."
(JHS 45 New York City - Honors Class (Female Age 12, Scholarship Award Winner))

"A lot of people in New York City ignore this sport but I'm not one of them. I learned a lot of things I wouldn't expect ... "
(JHS 45 New York City - Honors Class (Male Age 12)

"I had a lot of fun and would like to play again. I like to focus and do my best. Practicing will only improve my skills. It will also get me where I want to go. Where I want to go is college."
(JHS 45 New York City - Honors Class (Male Age 12))

Chairman's Message

Our mission is to motivate and inspire underserved, unde-privileged kids through golf. We can do this by creating new, exciting life experiences and unprecedented new opportunities and advantages through golf. All programs yield a strengthened sense of community inclusion.

For example, a 2002 school group golf outing for Virgil I. Grissom MS 226 in Queens at Bethpage State Park (site of the 2002 US Open) was a great success. The group (33 students (6th & 7th grade), received golf instruction (at the range and putting green) from PGA Pros, a walking tour of the Black Course with instructional components provided by the Bethpage Executive Director (such as a description of fairway aeration, history of course construction during the Great Depression, a discussion of the Works Project Act of the 1930's. This kind of instructional tie-in led students to learn more about United States and New York State history through golf and shows how golf and education can go hand-in-hand.

We were impressed by effort of the students and the teachers' ability to turn-around the "output", (getting the kids to do their homework!) in 24-48 hours. One of the teachers (a math mentor of other teachers) told me: "You may have found the way to motivate these kids. We can't always get them to do their work"!

By giving students incentives and motivation and taking them on special trips, we can link new opportunities with the "responsibility" of doing their homework and conducting research on particular subjects. As many kids as possible need new vistas and hope through all that golf represents, as well as motivation to do their schoolwork!  (This is just one example of positive, prospective impact).